Steinberg Headphone Stand

One of my older builds, this is a headphone stand for the Steinberg UR12 audio interface. Although it’s not the best in class it was an affordable audio interface with XLR input, useful for someone that might be interested in recording content.

There where a couple of constraints for this build, mainly the print area of my 3d printer and finding a way to print the the item without too many overhangs that may ruin the print. The solution was to make the print 2 parts and to glue them together at the end. The first part then, was designing a cage that I could install the steinberg into without obstructing any ports and, design a top headphone stand that I wouldn’t have to worry about breaking when I placed the headphones on.

So, step 1, the bottom cage. I wanted something that I could easily install the unit into without screws or clips. Bottom rails of the cage line up with the rubber feet on the UR12, preventing it from sliding around. The side arms wrap around the unit to prevent it sliding sideways for an added bonus.

With the base cage done, I designed a simple mortise and tenon joint with the idea being I would glue the two pieces together. I’ve never done joints on a 3d print before and they took a little finessing with some sandpaper to make work well in the end

Step 2, top mount. The only constraints here are the height of the stand, to make sure the cups of the headphones clear the base. I’m rocking the ATH-M50s by Audio-Technica, so you may want to check the height of your headphones before going ahead with the print. I also wanted to make sure the top of the print was an arc to prevent any potential wear on the band across the top. Final concern was ensuring the the load wouldn’t break the arm, so I added a cross brace.


Steinberg Headphone Stand No Headphones
Steinberg Headphone Stand Empty



This was one of my first ever major builds using a 3d printer and was a lot of firsts for me. I’ve been using this stand now for the last year or so and it’s lasted . If I was ever to replace my audio interface or take another stab at another iteration, I would consider adding some sort of support along the rear spine to prevent any damage that might be caused by torsion. Additionally, I would probably redesign the join between the two pieces to prevent the need for any glue.


For anyone else who would like this, the links are below.

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